Short films / Sequences / Demos

This section contains sequences and demos created. These "shorts" are either demo work with new actors/actresses or are films simply to experiment with styles.

Causality (2015)

Starring: Leah Cameron, Roque Andres Jr., Rob Cook

Filmed in Craven, Saskatchewan

Musical Score by Mike Lewis

[Filmed on July 20, 2014, this was Wikked Twist Films first real attempt at a full fledged short. Focused heavily on grindhouse horror influences, this piece aimed to create a tense mood, tell an intriguing story, and learn the craft of building horror.]

DON't go alone (2015)

Starring: Cat Abenstein

Filmed in Quappelle, Saskatchewan

Musical Score by Damian Smith

[Filmed completely impropmtu on a Thursday afternoon, this short story of a girl in a forest features Cat Abenstein (one of my favorite people to work with) and a score written for the film specifically (a first for me!) by Damian Smith.]



Starring: Melissa Wright

Filmed in Regina, Saskatchewan

[Another impromptu piece, created as a demo for Melissa Wright (a newcomer to filming) this film is a fun tongue in cheek look at nightmares, vampires, and anime.]


Starring: Desire Saturnae

Filmed in Regina, Saskatchewan

[One of the most enigmatic and interesting people I know, Desire and I took a hyperbole of her inner self and expressed visually. Hopefully more will come of the Goatwitch.]