- New Releases-

October 4th, 2017:
-Whole bunch of new sets to release! I have been incredibly busy with photoshoots as of late, especially so with my wonderful friend, Violet Rayes. Lets start with a taste of those sets (Full sets will soon be available on Patreon):

-A modernized adaptation of the classic "Persephone and Hades" story, as Violet descends into The Underworld to greet a dark figure.

[Low light, crisp color in a haunted location created a beautifully dark set that might be on of my favorite to date.]


- One half of an excellent day of shooting, this portion focused on a colorfully vibrant Violet not only being a captivating creature in the woods, but sharing with the use of her rainbow fans, catching the wind, and expressing a valuable point in the process.
Love is beautiful. Love is love.

"Silhouette and Sun"

- The "yang" to Rainbow's "ying"in a quiet and antiquited set. Quiet, but vibrant.