Are you a band looking to film a Music Video? A company or performer looking to film your product or performance? Looking for a camera to film or document an event?

Wikked Twist Films is currently seeking opportunities to grow and share in your experiences. From promotional videos and commercials, to documentary pieces, to helping create your film or music video, we are ambitiously searching for new projects to help create and feature.

We are happy to offer reasonable rates and work with your budget or timeline and are more than happy to travel anywhere in Western Canada!

For booking inquiries and questions, please email:


Documentary Package:
This package aims to create 1 - 5 1:00-3:00 videos giving an in depth look at a project and the fine details you wouldn't find on a poster, and giving more impact in understanding than a bio write-up.
[Perfect for embedding in event pages, YouTube channels, introducing a new projects or building hype for a new release.]

Package Includes:
*10-20 minute interview with band or individual members
*filmed footage of a jam/show.etc
*1 overall video (2:00 to 10:00 in length) or a series of chapter based videos (1-5)
*promotional vignette shots of individual band members (live action photoset)

Music Video Package:
Need a music video to show your style in a personalized and dynamic way? The music video package intends to create a video that features a full band performance and (optionally) features a full story line acted video to not only show your performance, but to sell the story or feel visually as well.
[Ideal for promotional campaigns for new albums and tracks, or adding interest to a single or previewing a new album release.]

Package Includes:
*Your band performing the track from 4 - 8 angles to capture each members performance
*A story line video to accompany performance video.
*(Optional) Video to be uploaded to Desecrate Promotions - a YouTube channel with over 100 subscribers and 35,000+ views

Promotional Vignette Package:
These short "ads/commercial" for your project are created to engage an audience and peak their curiosity in under a minute or two. The focus of these videos is the create a glimpse into the world of your project.
[Perfect for event pages, sharing on social media, and generally getting an audiences attention in a brief amount of time.]

Package Includes:
*Can be many different styles including
-Brief interview footage
-Jam footage
-Story/scene footage
-Live action photos
*This package is basically "Documentary Package/Music Video Package" - lite version.

*Also available for photoshoots, band photos, live event filming and photographing all for low, variable rates!